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From development to business-critical workloads. Easily manage your entire business application portfolio with the CenturyLink Cloud.

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Virtual machines in the cloud. Scalable, elastic, self-service, pay as you go.


High performance instances with 100% flash storage - ideal for NoSQL workloads and web-scale architectures.


Backups & Block Storage

Store application data in the CenturyLink Cloud cloud. Supports up to 20,000 IOPS. Complete, automated disaster recovery (DR) solutions for data and infrastructure are also available.

Object Storage

Flexible, scalable cloud storage. Supports large files of any type, accessible via HTTP.



Redundant, high-speed connectivity across CenturyLink Cloud’s global network of data centers.


Services to provide scalable, high-performance content delivery for static objects and streaming media.

Direct Connect

A dedicated network connection between a company network and CenturyLink Cloud's data centers.


Administer custom firewall policies within a single data center and across multiple data centers. Create and manage VLANs.

Load Balancing

Self-service solutions to help cloud applications perform as traffic rapidly changes. Available as a virtual appliance, supporting traffic from 200 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps. SSL offload also supported. Dedicated options also available.


Secure access to the CenturyLink Cloud cloud through client VPN or IPsec point-to-point VPN tunnel. Fully self-service.



Tools to register and manage DNS zones.

Site Redirect

HTTP-based redirect of a domain name to any URL.

SMTP Relay

Create multiple SMTP relay accounts without requiring a SMTP server. Ensure reliable delivery of email sent from cloud-based applications.


Helps enterprises and developers easily deploy, run, and manage web apps in the cloud. Based on Cloud Foundry.


Account Management

Support for complex cloud deployments. Includes sub-account hierarchies, billing reports, and private-labeling options.


Access comprehensive cloud management functions via HTTP and SOAP-based web services.


Build “templates” of cloud environments to assist in the rapid deployment of complex applications. Advanced cloud orchestration capabilities.


Organize, manage, and monitor collections of cloud servers as a single unit.

Maintenance Mode

Toggle monitoring functions on a server, or a Group of servers.


Build and customize thresholds for compute, storage, and network resources across servers. Configure alerts to notify users before performance is compromised.


Automatically schedule and complete key admin tasks for virtual machines.