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We Know Infrastructure

That's why we've simplified the most common and important tasks that our customers need to perform. Our built-in cloud computing management, automation, and orchestration capabilities help keep your business running smoothly while significantly reducing your operational burden. In fact, CenturyLink Cloud is just as easy to manage whether you have one server or 100. That means our solution not only scales for your business, it also scales around your most valuable resource — your people.

Server management is a critical function often just bolted on to a cloud "solution". But not with the CenturyLink Cloud. Cloud management permeates our entire platform and is front-and-center in our Control Portal. System administrators have all the tools needed to easily manage servers, getting more done in less time. Customers can also choose to perform the same cloud management operations through a comprehensive web service API. We're among the first in the industry to offer complete account, user, and billing management operations.

Account Management:
Creating IT-as-a-Service
with Chargebacks

We make it easy to define a master "parent" account and then spin up independent sub-accounts that are managed and billed separately. Create users, define permissions, and select payment methods for each account and sub-account. See total charges from the parent account while delivering targeted invoices to each sub-account holder.

Define a master parent account and then spin up independent sub-accounts that are managed and billed separately Create independent child accounts. Parent accounts oversee billing and resource consumption.

Group Actions

There's no need to waste time manually powering or configuring individual servers. CenturyLink Cloud lets you reboot every server in a group with a single command. Execute a PowerShell script that disables a Windows Service on a dozen servers at once. Groups support a full range of power cycle activities and let you archive, snapshot, or install software across any and all servers in a group. This saves time, reduces the opportunity for human error, and empowers enterprises to spend more time optimizing their cloud, and less time configuring it.

Monitoring and Reporting

You'll never have to wonder about the performance and health of your CenturyLink Cloud servers. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting across memory, CPU, disk usage, and server performance at the Group level always keep you up to date. And while alert thresholds are set at the top Group level and then inherited, they can be easily overridden by administrators for any lower level as needed to meet unique alert requirements. Additional system reporting provides insight into support events, ticketing, and hourly and predicted monthly costs.

Scheduled Tasks

Set scheduled tasks across groups and individual servers to for routine server functions for better environment administration.

  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Pause
  • Power On
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Create Snapshot
  • Delete Snapshot

Permissions Management

Secure each individual group through the use of permission policies. Allow or deny individual users from making changes to servers or settings within a particular group. Leverage inherited permission policies to define global access and introduce per-group changes whenever needed.

Resource Governance

Define default server configurations that match your typical organizational needs. Set up preferred storage amount, operating system, CPU, and memory for servers added to the group. Define group-level allocation limits to ensure that users don’t overprovision servers and create unexpected usage charges. Governance controls encourage enterprises to set up groups for each department and empower them to define the capacity limits that match their individual needs and budget.

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