Maintenance Mode

Toggle or schedule monitoring functions on a server, or a Group

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Perform on-demand or scheduled maintenance against servers by first disabling active monitoring. Quickly take servers out of monitoring rotation in order to install software patches or upgrade configurations.

Enable Maintenance Mode for Individual or Groups of Servers

Automatically stop server monitoring and create a management log entry. Trigger Maintenance Mode at the server level or the on a Server Group level.

Supports Automation

Works alongside Scheduled Tasks to execute power actions on servers as part of a maintenance plan. Set recurring Maintenance Window to run indefinitely, or expire after a particular date or execution count.

Supports Your Operation Cadence

Add multiple Maintenance Windows to a Group or server to accommodate for your existing operation schedules.

Common Uses

Prevent False Alarms

Stop monitoring a server that’s having its memory allocation increased after raising multiple alarms regarding “out of memory” exceptions.

Schedule Maintenance Windows

Create complimentary Scheduled Tasks and Maintenance Windows to regularly stop monitoring on a group of servers before installing software and rebooting the entire environment.


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Maintenance Mode
Toggle monitoring on and off for virtual servers.