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Global Footprint

Deploy in 11 inter-connected data centers in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.


Spec and build virtual machines (VMs) to specific requirements, instead of choosing between pre-configured options.

Enterprise-Level Security

Your data on CenturyLink’s virtual private servers (VPS) are protected by our “defense in depth” security model — satisfying rigorous enterprise security standards without costly add-ons.

High Performance

Our cloud infrastructure is optimized across the stack for high performance — from premium hardware to custom performance enhancing technologies.

Global Footprint

Choose where your apps and data reside. Build and manage VMs across 11 interconnected data centers in the US, Canada, UK, and EMEA.

Compliant & Audited

Our platform is SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2 certified, and we’ve helped customers comply with industry regulations like HIPAA.


We’ve got one of the most rigorous SLAs in the industry.

Disaster Recovery

Built-in disaster recovery solutions reinforce our highly redundant infrastructure.

High Availability

We include powerful load balancing and redundancy features that improve uptime.

Outstanding Support

An expert engineer with deep experience architecting and managing complex environments is just a call or click away.


Build virtual servers to meet your specific requirements, rather than choosing from a rigid set of pre-configured options. Our VMs are consumed and billed on an hourly basis.

CPU Up to 16 vCPUs hourly per vCPU
Memory Up to 128 GB RAM hourly, per GB
Storage Up to 1024 GB local hourly, price per GB allocated
Orchestration Use Blueprints to build an unlimited number of deployable “templates” including VM specs, operating systems, software packages, and scripts. Deploy on-demand. included
Infrastructure Management Conduct routine infrastructure administrative tasks, including maintenance and bulk updates. included
Infrastructure Monitoring Comprehensive monitoring and reporting across memory, CPU, disk usage, and server performance. included
Account Management Track cloud usage with categories that match their organizational structure. This simplifies billing across different divisions. included
Autoscale Manage and apply CPU Autoscale policies for cloud servers. Automatically scale up and down based on user-defined thresholds. included
Application Performance Monitoring Comprehensive web application performance monitoring with detailed dashboards and tracing to pinpoint areas for improvement. included
Security “Defense in depth” security model, with safeguards at multiple levels. included

Optional Features

The following products are available for customers with advanced requirements. They may be added to a single VM or groups of VMs. Contact us for a custom quote.

Networking Supports data transfer over public Internet interfaces. Note: there is no charge for internal data center traffic. Cost on a 95/5 basis
Data Backup Set custom retention policies for data stored on VMs. Cost per GB used
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Off-site replication to a secondary data center for the 2 most recent backups. Service Level Agreements for RTO and RPO are also available. Cost per GB used & network bandwidth consumed for replication
Storage A vSAN for large library or shared storage applications. Hourly, per GB allocated
Virtual Load Balancing Citrix Netscaler virtual load balancer. Monthly, per virtual
CDN CDN delivery services from multiple providers. Appliance instance. Different sizes are available.
IPSEC VPN Persistent point-to-point VPN tunnel. Cost per GB

Operating Systems

CenturyLink's cloud servers are preconfigured with an ever-growing list of operating systems. We work with our partners and community to provide you with the most choice possible. You are also empowered to use our bundling tools to upload your own operating systems. The operating systems currently available to use with your servers include:

Available operating systems in the CenturyLink Cloud
operating system 32-bit 64-bit
Centos 5
Centos 6
Debian 7
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
Ubuntu 10
Ubuntu 12
Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012


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2Ghz+ Processor

$50.40 / mo $0.07 / hr
can scale to 16 vCPU / virtual machine
resources charged hourly, monthly estimates based on 720 hours


1 GB Virtual Memory

$28.80 / mo $0.04 / hr
can scale to 128GB RAM / virtual machine
resources charged hourly, monthly estimates based on 720 hours

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The CenturyLink Cloud in action. View this 8-minute product demo, and learn more about our cloud infrastructure, cloud management, and platform as a service capabilities.